There can be no doubt the rules of cultural engagement for Christians is changing rapidly – especially as we attempt to share our faith and live our lives. Just the mere mention of the Bible or the word “Christian” conjures up accusations of being an intolerant bigot, homophobe, and hater.

What do we do as Christian witnesses who are instructed to be salt and light in the world?

Today Mike and David take a comprehensive look at the controversy surrounding New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees who is being criticized from all angles over his recent support of the national campaign, “Bring Your Bible to School Day” (Oct. 3). Brees also responded to the criticism he received from cultural bullies and LGBTQ advocates as well as the Christian Community.

John Stonestreet recently stated:

In a short video, Brees encouraged students to participate in Focus on the Family’s “Bring Your Bible to School” project. He never once mentioned anything about sexual orientation or gender identity since, well, that’s not what Bring Your Bible to School Day is all about. To my knowledge, Brees has never spoken publicly on LGBTQ issues. He really didn’t clarify his views even on Friday, when he was forced to respond to the “erupting controversy.”

Perhaps Brees hasn’t talked much about LGBTQ issues because, again, he’s a football player, and that’s not what football is about. Or perhaps he’s realized, as a public figure who is also a Christian, what would happen if his views were revealed as anything less than a full-throated endorsement of the new sexual orthodoxy.

Either way, Brees seemed honestly surprised by his presumed guilt simply because of a connection to this Focus on the Family project. That in and of itself is a lesson for all of us.


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