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Elijah Abraham: From Iraq to America, From Islam to Christianity

Elijah shares his conversion from committed Muslim to born-again believer in Christ, his life in Iraq, move to America, investigation into world religions, struggle with works-based righteousness, and the difference between biblical Christianity and American Christianity.

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Elijah Abraham: This Is Good And Bad For America, Perspective

We first discuss some positives from the Covid shut-downs, even though many people were affected financially, mentally, or by losing a loved one. Elijah responds to events at the U.S. Capital as well as the Democrat media narratives that have shaped public opinion; we also talk biblical perspective on our role as Christians in society.

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Chris Quintana & Elijah Abraham: Perspective on Covid Fear, Israel Peace Plan

TODAY’S GUESTS: Elijah Abraham and Chris Quintana are in studio to discuss several important topics including how the nation and church have changed since COVID 19. We knew America and the world would never be the same – we just didn’t know exactly how. We also discuss Christian maturity, the importance of uncompromising preaching, and whose lives matter to God.

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Elijah Abraham: Christians, Politics, Values & Voting

We discuss the many challenges for Christians in the age of the big ‘Rona’ virus as well as the political division in both culture and church.  Plus, there are basically three voting options and one is to not vote at all. Elijah explains why Christians must vote and help cultivate an environment conducive to the gospel.

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Elijah Abraham: Trials, Tribulation, and Testimonies

We discuss trials and the testing of our faith aside from this bizarre season of church restrictions, coronavirus fears, and now radicals rioting and wreaking havoc in cities across the country. The Supreme Court recently ruled against churches, some governors are discriminating against Christians, the fruit of leftist “education” in the U.S. and the fact 58% of young people see no problem with riots, and talk of “abolishing police departments. How did we get here?

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Elijah Abraham: Biblical Perspective on Faith, Suffering, Trials

People need hope, and believers in Christ must be ready to give an answer to anyone who might ask about our faith in times of trials. In this season of apprehension during the coronavirus threat, some will be tested more than others. But none of us have to look very hard or long to find an opportunity to share the gospel.

Contrary to proponents of word-faith, prosperity doctrines, Christianity has nothing to do with our worldly comfort, success, or wealth. Ask a persecuted brother or sister in Christ in another country how comfortable they are. Compare their tested faith with those who merely profess to believe.

Church attendance is declining in the U.S. but Christianity continues growing in nations where there is persecution. How might God use the current season to purify the church?

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Gary Kah, Elijah Abraham, on the Coming One World Government

Today’s podcast is a special program with two very special in-studio guests! Elijah Abraham (Living Oasis Ministries) and Gary Kah (Hope for the World) are speaking at the Great Lakes Prophecy Conference this weekend so they are both in town and with us today.

We discuss the move toward a one-world government and religion as well as the condition of the American Christian church. Elijah and Gary also give us their take on what prophetic events they are keeping an eye on and help us connect some dots as they look at current world events in light of Scripture. 

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