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Even Bill Maher knows what the Bible says, Jim Wallis.

In a recent broadcast of the talk show Real Time on HBO, leftist political commentator and host Bill Maher and his panel of guests – including liberal “minister” Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners Magazine and adviser to Barack Obama – debated their thoughts about the Bible, asserting that God is a “pro-slavery,” “homophobic,” “psychotic mass murderer.” During the discussion, Wallis contended that the Bible mostly focuses on taking care of the poor and disadvantaged, and is not against homosexuality. “Too many people thump their Bible and not read it,” he asserted. “I want to be a follower of Jesus and not a defender of religion.” Even Maher was stumped at that one, knowing that at the very least the Bible does not condone homosexuality. “But Jesus is in the Bible, and let’s not beat around the burning bush, the Bible hates [homosexuality],” Maher replied. “That’s clear. I mean, I could read you the passages…” Christian News Network picks it up from here: “I always wonder when I talk to religious people, how do you reconcile this idea that it all comes from the Bible, but the Bible is so flawed,” he continued. “It’s either full of nonsense or viciousness.” Wallis then began to discuss a recent evangelical rally that he participated in that focused on immigration reform, and asserted that the Bible is more interested in kindness to strangers...

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Jim Wallis Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage

This won’t exactly come as a surprise, but just like President Obama who used to be against gay marriage before he was for it, leftist Jim Wallis, founder and CEO of Sojourners, now says he, too, has evolved his position.  In an interview with The Huffington Post, Wallis says he now believes that if marriage as a sacrament and institution is to be strengthened, then same-sex couples should be a part of that solution. Here is where The Christian Post picks up the story: When The Huffington Post asked Wallis to clarify if that meant he specifically supports same-sex marriage, Wallis answered, “yes.” A spokesperson for Sojourners confirmed with The Christian Post on Monday that this was the first time that Wallis has publicly stated that position. Wallis was stating what he believed from a “civil legal perspective” what the law should be, but was not stating a theological position about whether churches should endorse same-sex marriage, the spokesperson said. The spokesperson could not say whether or not Wallis believes homosexuality is a sin. Wallis’ new position also comes with strong support for the religious liberty of churches that hold the traditional view of marriage in states that have redefined it, and a deep concern for the decline of marriage more generally. Wallis added that those who oppose government recognition of same-sex marriages should not be called “bigots” for...

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Jim Wallis produces commentaries for "The Bible"

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett have asked a number of theologians to help consult and promote their miniseries, The Bible. These “experts” are well known for Scripture twisting and presenting a false gospel to millions of sheep. Along with high-profile names like Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes tied to the project, we’ve learned leftist activist Jim Wallis was also asked by Roma and Mark to weigh in on accuracy and even produce commentary video clips to air on The Bible website. As Wallis explains on his Sojourners Blog, What won me over to the whole series was the clip about Jesus meeting Peter, the fisherman. In a Washington, D.C., premiere of “The Bible” series a few weeks ago, I had wonderful conversations with Mark and Roma. Mark asked me if they were right to have Jesus say that he wanted to change the world. Those words are not literally in the scriptures, but it seemed to him and Roma that’s exactly what Jesus was talking about. Absolutely correct, I told them both. And we went through the first few chapters of Mathew which demonstrate that truth. I love the clarity and courage of the statement from Jesus in “The Bible.” Yes, I thought of Wallis immediately when I heard the line he is referring to: “What are we going to do,” Peter asks Jesus. “Change the world,”...

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Obama Supporters Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren Praise OWS with their Occupy Theology

As most of you know, our ministry would not exist if not for the “Jim Wallis incident,” so I am sharing this post from Blue Collar Philosophy, an interesting site tracking Christians who support the antics of the Left: OBAMA SUPPORTERS JIM WALLIS AND BRIAN MCLAREN PRAISE #OWS WITH THEIR #OCCUPYTHEOLOGY (VIDEO) It should surprise no one that President Obama’s supporters from the Christian Left are big fans of the Occupy movement. At a recent gathering of Leftist Christians two leading figures from this movement offer up their praise for the Occupy movement. This is apparently the new Occupy Theology tasked...

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Jim Wallis' interfaith message to young people: “We are here to find common ground.”

At a White House ordained national interfaith conference, Evangelical Left icon Jim Wallis spoke to college students about bringing faiths together to find common ground.  (Were you aware that the White House sponsors initiatives like this?) It’s called the  Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, and its purpose is to promote service projects and “foundational goodness” to bring students from different religious backgrounds together. In the syncretized blending of faith, a “meditation and prayer space” transitioned the speakers and sessions, including teachings from a Christian, a Muslim, and a self-professed pagan. Not invited: a representative from the Absolute-Truth-Via-Sola-Scriptura camp.  Just saying. Who is Jim Wallis, you may ask? He is a spiritual advisor to President Obama and a former Chapter President of Students For a Democratic Society, a violent communist organization in the 1960s.the leader of Sojourners, the leading social justice organization in the US. Wallis headlined this event held last month in Chicago titled Illinois Conference on Interfaith Collaboration (ICIC). He spoke before a gathering of students, professionals and community members about creating an understanding between people of different theological and philosophical backgrounds.  The Institute on Religion & Democracy published an article titled, Jim Wallis Embraces Interfaith Millennials. Here are some excerpts: Wallis praised the multi-faith speakers: “It’s great to have a Calvinist and a pagan talking about their world views. We don’t do interfaith work to abandon our faith...

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Liberal Pastor Jim Wallis: America Is ‘Not a Christian Nation — It‘s Never Been a Christian Nation’

Via The Blaze: Pastor Jim Wallis’ support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and his leftist inclinations are widely documented. The progressive pastor, who has served as a faith adviser to President Barack Obama, is no stranger to controversy. In an interview that will air nationwide at Lifetree Café locations in the coming days, Wallis made some startling statements about America’s history and heritage. Lifetree is a weekly, coffee shop-like environment and event series in which individuals come together to explore issues related to God and culture. These events are planned at locations — mainly churches — around the nation and sometimes feature pre-taped videos. In a video to be aired this week, Wallis made the bold claim that America is not a Christian nation. “It’s not a Christian nation. It’s never been a Christian nation,” Wallis boldly proclaimed while speaking about America. “We set this up so that it would not be a Christian nation for any religious framework.” But Wallis wasn’t done there. In a preview clip, he goes on to claim that America isn’t mentioned in the Bible as having a “special” or unique place. “Where in the Bible is there a special place for America?,” he asks. “Where do we get that that’s bad theology…just bad theology.” The Lifetree Café provides more information about Wallis’ comments and the grander context of the video discussion that they are a part of (you can...

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Jim Wallis: Another Hijacker of Evangelicalism

If you’ve not seen the latest news about Sojourner’s Jim Wallis, or need some background on who he is and what he stands for, please read this newsletter article by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries ( You might also want to visit her site and sign up for her free newsletter to get these updates: Another Hijacker of Evangelicalism By Jan Markell,  October 18, 2011 Jim Wallis wants to re-define evangelicalism. I find that scary and will explain why. Over the decades, it has become more and more difficult to give evangelicalism a definition as it has been morphing. But Wallis insists that he is much more conservative than his friends who make up the “religious Left” when, in reality, he is their fearless leader. He is respected by the White House and even by many evangelicals who lean Left on social issues. Do a Google search on Wallis and you’ll come up with 4,500,000 hits. He’s been a busy guy! I don’t know his heart today. Maybe it has changed since his radical days when he was a blatant Marxist.  Wallis says Jesus is demonstrating with the Wall Street protestors and that they sound like the biblical prophets of the Bible, too. That’s giving some undeserved credit to a rag-tag bunch of loonies who just don’t like capitalism but then neither does Wallis. He says they’re changing...

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Jimmy Carter to be guest speaker at ISNA Convention

The Islamic Society of North America has invited former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to be a guest and keynote at it’s 51st annual convention this month. The nation’s largest Islamic convention is titled Generations Rise: Elevating Muslim American Culture You’ll want to watch the promotional video (say, is that Jim Wallis’ photo?): Past ISNA keynote speakers include Rick Warren in 2009 and President Obama last year. Of special interest this year is the “interfaith dialogue” sessions. Looks like President Obama’s special assistant Melissa Rogers is heading that up. Interfaith partners include: Sojourners United States Conference of Catholic Bishops United Methodist Church Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Episcopal Church American Baptist Churches USA Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Hat tip James...

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Hybels, Wallis join for Justice conference

If you are a Willow Creek Association member, should this story cause you to reconsider?  Lynne Hybels, wife of WCA’s Bill Hybels, and her friend and professional colleague Jim Wallis are teaming up once again for an anti-Israel conference. Wallis’ ultra-progressive Sojourners organization is one we’ve been warning about for some time, and Lynne Hybels continues to write as a contributing editor for the SoJo blog and magazine The image below is an additional reminder of the ideology MANY churches are embracing with their Willow Creek Association membership. Post by Lighthouse Trails Research Project. Related articles Are American Evangelicals Fracturing When It Comes to Support for Israel? Why are Lynn Hybels, Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne hosting anti-Israel Christ At The Checkpoint? EVANGELICALS EMBRACE REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY LISTEN: Russell Moore and Lynne Hybels Call on Christians to Support Immigration Reform ( A breach of apostasy in post-modern churches ( The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Six Things I Believe – Lynn Hybels ( If these aren’t enough, consider...

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Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud

We discuss the continuing meltdown of the Left, their reaction to Donald Trump’s election, his early policies, and Supreme Court Justice nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Also, last night, hate filled riots broke out at California Berkeley, making Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, Jim Wallis, the liberal media, and Hillary Clinton (to name a few) proud. Plus, Mike’s commentary.

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