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Chris Quintana & Elijah Abraham: Perspective on Covid Fear, Israel Peace Plan

TODAY’S GUESTS: Elijah Abraham and Chris Quintana are in studio to discuss several important topics including how the nation and church have changed since COVID 19. We knew America and the world would never be the same – we just didn’t know exactly how. We also discuss Christian maturity, the importance of uncompromising preaching, and whose lives matter to God.

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Fiorazo on Fire: Free Speech, Politics, Child Sexualization

Today’s podcast is not for the faint of heart. Will you take a stand for righteousness and truth or cave to culture? The war is on. The battle is real, the players are moving, spiritual warfare is intensifying. Understand the times we’re living in, friends. Trust God, pray, vote biblical values and speak the truth!

Truth must never be sacrificed for the sake of perceived “unity.” Why are we allowing an anti-Christ, secular society to influence us more than we as Christians influence others? This is a problem. Is your pastor addressing the state of America and what’s happening today? How about you?

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JB Hixson: Top 10 Reasons Some People Go to Hell

A person can be sincere in their beliefs, but they can be sincerely wrong about Jesus and salvation. There is a hell. There is a heaven. Not everyone goes to heaven. Some people go to hell. Place your faith in the One who paid your penalty and offers to you the forgiveness of sins and the free gift of eternal life.

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Why Should Christians Discuss Voting and “Political” Issues?

I just got back from a pastor’s conference in Dallas, Texas and I’m happy to report a growing movement of godly men are committed to speaking the truth and refusing to back down or be silent about what’s happening outside the walls of our churches. Where does your pastor stand?

Now hold on, don’t tune out. I know some of you think we shouldn’t be discussing issues dealing with government and elections and politics in church, but someone’s morality will be legislated in Washington that will affect our lives – but we have a say.

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