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Patrick Wood: Masks Do More Harm Than Good; Study, Testimonies

Another study finds that masks do not effectively protect people from viruses. In fact, more evidence suggests masks cause more health problems, especially among children! We address religious freedom and how speech and liberties are being censored and infringed upon.

For Christians, these are the most prophetic times in world history. In America, we’re seeing an unprecedented push by globalists and the left to weaken or even take down this nation. They now know the Covid crisis can be used to implement many of their agendas. 

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JB Hixson: Deceivers and The Spirit of Anti-Christ

JB Hixson says, “We are living in the greatest time of deception ever. This is biblical. There is a direct correlation between the Spirit of Anti-Christ, Covid-19, and the U.S. election chaos.”

But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:13)

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When Truth, Justice, and Morality Leave the Media

Who can you trust anymore to provide fair, true, and unbiased news reporting and factual information? Certainly not the left-wing media in America because for all practical purposes, they have become ideologically-driven and are against the Christian worldview.

David often refers to today’s so-called “journalists” as either the Democrat media or liberal media activists. The topic of fairness and bias should be important to all of us, which is why today’s guest, Chris Jossart decided to write a book on the topic.

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TREVOR LOUDEN: Marxism in America Infecting Government, Culture & Church

TODAY’S GUEST is Trevor Louden, an author, speaker, political activist, filmmaker from Christchurch, New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. Trevor believes that these anti-American, communist forces must be exposed and countered, as America’s continued role as a bastion of freedom is pivotal for the future of western civilization.

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David Fiorazo: The Danger and Deception of Critical Race Theory

Today, David Fiorazo looks at the basics of critical race theory and why accusations of white supremacy and systemic racism in America are lies based on propaganda and hijacked history. 

Critical race theory is a worldly philosophy that misleads the Church and distorts the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CRT is an “empty and hollow philosophy” of deconstruction,

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Saiko Woods: What’s Happening to America – and What Now?

We discuss the Christian church in America, the need for more patriot pastors, Christians who avoid politics; voter fraud, election results; Biden got more votes than Obama? 

First, this is about worldview! It’s a spiritual battle, demonic at its core. And Christians must be prepared for what is to come. We also ask, whatever happened to the media Covid panic, Hunter Biden, and Russian interference in our elections? 

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Scott Lively: Will Courts Prevent U.S. Transition to Socialism?

After all that’s occurred with election tampering, ballot-harvesting, and voter fraud on such a massive scale, do we just pray and rely on the courts? Where do we go from here? Surrender it to the Lord. “To our knees and then to our feet. We must keep praying and then get up and take action.” Scott Lively

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John Haller: The ‘Revolution’ Impacts U.S. Elections

The revolution is coming against this nation full force and is now clearly impacting our election process. The left has pulled out all the stops and is raging against our very foundations, the Constitution and the Christian worldview, and of course, against President Trump. When will we know the election results and where do we go from here?

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Gary Kah: Responding to Civil Unrest, Threats of Election Turmoil

We look at current events leading up to the U.S. presidential election tomorrow and the pressure build-up across a very divided nation and church. We discuss President Trump, the D.C. Swamp, middle east peace plans, Covid 19, and the new world order.

Depending on election results, will there be a kind of ‘civil war’ some have warned about? How are police departments preparing for potential violence and how should Christians be responding to all this?

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