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Hatred of the Gospel

Jesus warned us that in the last days, the gospel would be rejected and His followers would be hated.  Though unreported by secular media, we are seeing staggering increases in the persecution of Christians and the destruction of Christian Churches worldwide.  This morning Mike and David discuss the real story behind the headlines of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris, and an internationally known Christian Rugby player threatened because of his Christian beliefs.And on this Holy Week leading up to our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the gospel is under attack around the world. Taking a cue from Europe, many American Christians are looking to please the world and compromising the truth of Scripture all around us.  Pastor Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio joins us to take a look at what we so often take for granted: what Jesus accomplished almost 2,000 years ago through the cross and the empty tomb.

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Who’s in Charge of the ‘Kingdom Now’?

A crucial doctrine of Christianity is the eventual return of Jesus Christ to judge all men and establish His everlasting Kingdom. Sadly, Bible prophecy is ignored in many churches so Christians are left to their own to try to understand that glorious day when our Lord returns to vanquish evil.

One question I love to ask professing Christians is this: When Jesus returns what does the world look like and what does He do? If their answer involves us, human beings establishing universal justice or cleaning up the world of poverty and pollution, then I know I am dealing with someone who embraces what is called “Dominion theology.” This is the idea that when men clean up the earth Jesus returns and we simply “hand over the keys” to Him so to speak. This is a dangerous form of Humanism, elevating man and discounting God.

One arm of Dominion Theology is called “Kingdom Now” theology and this morning we are joined by Pastor Andy Woods who has written several books discussing this movement.

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