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Who’s in Charge of the ‘Kingdom Now’?

A crucial doctrine of Christianity is the eventual return of Jesus Christ to judge all men and establish His everlasting Kingdom. Sadly, Bible prophecy is ignored in many churches so Christians are left to their own to try to understand that glorious day when our Lord returns to vanquish evil.

One question I love to ask professing Christians is this: When Jesus returns what does the world look like and what does He do? If their answer involves us, human beings establishing universal justice or cleaning up the world of poverty and pollution, then I know I am dealing with someone who embraces what is called “Dominion theology.” This is the idea that when men clean up the earth Jesus returns and we simply “hand over the keys” to Him so to speak. This is a dangerous form of Humanism, elevating man and discounting God.

One arm of Dominion Theology is called “Kingdom Now” theology and this morning we are joined by Pastor Andy Woods who has written several books discussing this movement.

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Distinguishing Between Biblical Vs Man-Made Doctrine

The early church after the resurrection of Christ faced many threats.  Externally these threats came from both Roman and Jewish leaders, who thought Christianity was a threat to each of their power bases. Internally the church grappled with another threat.  There were two different sets of beliefs that threatened to undermine the gospel message of salvation and sanctification by grace through faith alone.  One group attempted to impose sections of the Old Testament Law on believers: The Judaizers.  Another group was teaching that since God is Spirit that it did not matter what we did in the flesh–that sin...

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The Words We Use and How We Define Them

The words we use, and how we define them, are critically important.  I am seeing an alarming pattern where professing Christians, and often the people they follow, are just slightly twisting words or attaching a human definition to a word that God gives a different and specific definition for:  Words like meditation, belief, grace and repentance.  When we assign a definition to important words in the Bible that differs from God’s definitions, we start to head down a very dangerous path where we can be easily deceived by slick speakers with dangerous agendas. Let’s look at the subtle but...

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Know What You Can and Cannot Control

One of the principles for living a joyful, peaceful life from my new book is “Know what you can control, and what you cannot control. Here is an excerpt from “The Death of Christian Thought” that I hope helps you: “I refereed football, basketball and baseball for years. Good referees focus on what they can control–knowing the rules and enforcing them equally. People would ask me how I could referee and not be affected by upset fans who screamed at officials when they made correct but unpopular calls. I would tell them “Look all I can do is know...

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What Are You Most Thankful For?

There are plenty of things people worry about these days:  terrorism, a sagging economy; a government out of control; and personal relationships that aren’t all they could be.  But we as Christians all have plenty to be thankful for in spite of the world around us. Please share with us what specifically you are most thankful for as we prepare to spend time with friends and family over Thanksgiving Day.  If you can’t think of anything, open your Bible and read what Jesus Christ did on the cross for true...

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