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A Church on the Defensive

Today we look at another Christian survey as well as some disturbing news on just how far many professing churches and leaders have fallen. Some are deceived while others are deceiving people into moral relativism, false teachings, and abandoning the truth of God for the faulty wisdom of man. Christian churches should be affecting secular culture. Instead secular culture seems to be infecting many churches.

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Quick Biblical Answers & Political Correctness Unhinged

Just when you think political correctness couldn’t get any more absurd, the left takes it to another level of insanity. ESPN has relieved a college football announcer of his assignment to call a game, not because of his private or controversial views, but because of his name. They are worried that his name given to him at birth might make some of their audience “uncomfortable”.

Also, what percentage of Americans actually view themselves as sinners? Well the answer might surprise you.

In our first segment, we check in with author, Bryan Osborne, whose new book Quick Answers to Tough Questions can help Christians be prepared to share the reason for our eternal hope from God’s Word when the world asks difficult questions.

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Sharing the Gospel in Africa

PODCAST: In spite of political roadblocks and intense persecution the gospel of salvation is being shared with every tribe and tongue throughout God’s world. And while most of the attention regarading persecution comes from countries in the Middle East, missionaries in Africa are diligently working to spread the good news. This morning we visit with Dave Bell who has been a missionary in Kenya for a decade. How is God’s Word being received in a nation that is poor and surrounded by radical Islam?

We also continue our discussion on racism in America and how many on the left continue to live in hypocrisy by crying out against racism while supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood and promoting Marxist worldviews that are anything but tolerant or accepting.

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Tearing Down American History

PODCAST: The ugly protests and riots in Virginia last week have stirred deep emotion in the hearts of many. One of the pillars of American freedom is the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly; but the necessary downside to that freedom is that hateful, bigoted organizations like the KKK are able to assemble and spew their message of hatred.

The violence that was sparked has led to a call for a tearing down of statues and monuments of historical importance to our nation. But is this a wise and prudent thing? And if we start tearing down these monuments where does it lead and end? Should anything that offends us now be torn down? What about holocaust museums and displays? What about the money we use which has America’s founders and past presidents faces on them? We’ll discuss this in our second segment.

In our first segment we are joined by William Murray of The Religious Freedom Coalition. As our nation’s media obsesses with the racial issue and the dysfunction of the Trump Administration it is easy to forget that thousands are dying as a result of violence in the Middle East, and that Christians around the world are being imprisoned and tortured for their faith.

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Your Questions and Comments

Today, David Fiorazo has our Media Watch segment and then we address your questions and comments from this week. Some of the topics we will discuss include racism, the Solar Eclipse, dealing with an unbelieving spouse, the pressure of being a single Christian, and the self-righteous attitude some Christians have over doctrine.

Get your comments in for next week by texting “truth” to 797979; email; or call us at 1-800-979-9010 and ask for David or Mike.

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A Warning from God?

In a couple days parts of the United States will experience a rare event: a total eclipse of the sun for a few minutes. While rare occurrences, these have happened many times throughout history; and some are calling this a fulfilled prophecy or a “sign from God” that something critical is about to happen. Opinions vary from a warning of Gods judgment to a sign of the approaching rapture of believers. Some are telling people to lighten up and stop reading something into a normal event. We’ll look at what some Christian leaders are saying about the eclipse.

We also check in with author and talk radio host, Linda Harvey of Mission America. We discuss the LGBT agenda and the speed of the transgender movement, the hypocrisy of the left, as well as reactions to the KKK and protests in Virginia.

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