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Listener Questions and Comments

On Fridays, we get to read your comments and answer your questions by going to the Word of God.  This morning your topics of interest include:

Mental illness and Christians
home churches vs. mega-churches
“slain in the spirit” theology
dealing with children confused about their sexuality and gender
Is it wrong for pastors wearing $40,000 watches or driving expensive cars, etc?
Kingdom Now theology
Can we become too dogmatic about certain Scriptures pertaining to salvation?
Our daughter is engaged to a Mormon; she says they both worship the same God – advice, please!
I listen to Rick Warren’s daily podcast and enjoy it. What are the issues you have with him?

You can chime in by texting “speak up” to 90100 or emailing us at

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Does Your Church Look More Like the World?

Mike and Crash continue to look at how a growing number of churches look more like the world instead of standing out against the growing sin and depravity of this culture. As spiritual insanity grows in America shouldn’t the church stand out in contrast all the more? But instead it seems many churches continue to modify their approach to growth by accommodating a growing sinful culture. The ‘gospel’ being preached has been sanded and watered down to the point that it is incapable of rescuing sinful man from the coming wrath of God.

This subtly creeps into the church through programs adopted and exported by churches like Willow Creek and Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Church” Model that is secularizing leadership in the church, creating a hierarchy where church leaders go unchallenged as expository preaching transitions into ‘life coaching’ and the gospel is presented as a holy God compromising His standards so that more might be ‘saved.’

Pastor Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio joins us to discuss this sad transition and also take a deeper look at Jesus’ teachings in Matthew Chapters 5-9.

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Any Question Answered, No Topic Off Limits

Questions and Comments from this week include:
Our youth past or had the kids close their eyes, empty their minds, and meditate on whatever came into their minds. This is not a biblical form of meditation, is it?
Did one of your guests say that Jesus became a man to show us a good example of how to live by the law and be sinless?
Friends in our church say Jesus laid aside His deity in order to become a man. Would you please address this?
My son-in-law is an active Baptist, but because he is a government union employee, he always supports and votes for the Democrat Party. How can a pastor address this?
Thank you for calling out Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose-driven church’ model. My wife and I have been concerned about our own church ignoring sin and the pursuit of holiness, and watering down doctrine in the hopes of growing in numbers.
There is no such thing as ‘Christian yoga’ as it’s roots are from Hinduism, but this is a hot topic because many churches offer yoga and relaxation meditations.
We left our church of 11 years due to an over-emphasis on grace, denying God’s Spirit to convict believers of ongoing sin and the pursuit of holy living. It morphed into a complete misrepresentation of God’s nature.
Thanks for having Jay Seegert on to discuss God’s role in creation, Genesis, and the age of the earth.
We asked our pastor why there was no preaching on Bible prophecy and he said there are too many views on it and it would only lead to more confusion in the church if he taught on it.
After 10 years, the message at our church last week was we are wasting our time trying to understand the Old Testament, so focus on the gospel and words of Jesus. What is the end goal of this approach?

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Listener Comments and Questions Keep Coming

Every Friday Mike and David address whatever issue you want to discuss. Send yours to us early as the hour fills up extremely fast each week. Here we go!

What if we as Christian parents do everything right and our children still stray from God and the truth?
Gender confusion – a departure from Genesis and creation
The danger of open theism – wait, what the heck is “open theism”?
How can we respond to young people who use excuses for not going to church such as, ‘Christians are hypocrites’?
Should I have any concerns about Rick Warren?
What’s wrong with church growth and running a church like a business?
Why do so many pastors think they have to be so positive, loving, and encouraging without balancing out their sermons with righteousness, holiness, judgment, wrath, and repentance?
How do you distinguish between teachers who are heretics or those who are simply committed liberals and have wrong opinions of doctrine?
Does the United Church of Christ (UCC) believe in or worship a false Jesus?
In Revelation, what do the seven lamp stands represent?
What will happen to those deceived by the dangerous prosperity message when they have an economic crisis or serious trial in their lives?

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Meaningful Christian Living & Evangelism

Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” was a best seller that got many Christians searching for God’s “purpose” for their lives. Our guest this morning says searching for our “purpose” is a wild goose chase because once you think you’ve found it the world will change its focus and you’ll end up like those dogs we see in videos chasing their tails while getting nowhere fast and becoming dizzy and frustrated. He says rather Christians should focus on the meaning of our lives–something by the way clearly defined in God’s Word.

Pastor Randy White joins us this morning to discuss the difference between purpose and meaning, along with the importance of using Biblical Exposition in evangelism.

We’ll also discuss an intriguing study about how “Generation Z” is the least Christian generation in our nation’s history–and why one Christian researcher thinks that is actually a good thing.

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