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ISIS-Connected Shooter Kills Four U.S. Marines in Chattanooga

Christian News Network reports that an ISIS-connected gunman shot and killed four U.S. marines at two separate Tennessee military facilities on Thursday, before being fatally wounded by police. The shootings were carried out within two hours of each other and are believed to have been committed by the same gunman, who has been identified as […]

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Robert Schuller, dead at 88

The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, the televangelist who drew millions of followers with his “Hour of Power” broadcasts from the Crystal Cathedral, died April 2 at a care facility in Artesia, Calif. He was 88. He is credited for influencing many popular and game-changing, church-growth pastors in the visible church: Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and […]

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Blood water

ISIS beheads 21 Christian hostages – White House won’t call them Christians

ISIS has titled their video showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians who had been kidnapped in Libya, “A MESSAGE SIGNED WITH BLOOD TO THE NATION OF THE CROSS.” Yet the White House refuses to call the victims Christians. Hmmm. And this after that National Prayer Breakfast debacle in which our president scolded Christians for […]

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Where do "Diversity" and "Inclusion" come from? UNESCO!

Where do “Diversity” and “Inclusion” come from? UNESCO!

Words like Diversity and Inclusion didn’t just pop into the heads of our children by accident. The United Nations has been working on transforming our world for decades through various initiatives that were sparked in meeting rooms in some very “high places.” “Our cultural diversity is a stimulator of creativity. Investing in this creativity can […]

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Gay Christians: Now Becoming the Norm?

A lot of Christians – especially in leadership – are changing their minds about homosexuality being listed among the sins God hates. What has changed? Are there really gay Christians? And if so, we really don’t need to evangelize or share truth with them, do we? The following is posted by Dr. Terry Mortenson on […]

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Justin Lane

We ask God, “Why?”

Have you heard of the “Atheists’ 10 Commandments”? Later in the program we’re going to cover the 10 rules for living, developed by an atheist group who hosted a crowdsourcing contest to come up with their list, which they’ve published in a new book “Atheist Mind, Human Heart.” Up First:  As our world is rapidly […]

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The rise in homeschool education

Today we are talking about education, Common Core, and homeschooling. There are many new options for parents who are considering homeschooling, and many of you are considering it – or wish you had. If you’re a teacher, you may have gone into public education with the best of intentions, only to be frustrated by a […]

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Pa$$ The Plate And Let Us Prey

Should we impart an anointing of the Spirit on someone’s head?  Does the Holy Spirit posses us, or indwell us?  Yes, big difference between these two terms. Here is a new video series from film producers Tim Wirth and Sandy Simpson, two watchmen who have created a youtube channel to expose some very concerning the […]

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No kidding: Islamic prayers to be held at the Vatican

Peace at any cost?  Islamic prayers and Quran readings at the Vatican? Viewers around the world will see the spectacle in a live broadcast. Fox News is carrying this report from english.alarabiya.net as well as Times of Israel. For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at […]

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Bryan College losing nearly 25% of faculty after

Bryan College losing nearly 25% of faculty after ‘Adam and Eve’ controversy

This is what happens when you challenge people to stay true to the authority, inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture, God’s breathed Word. The  ASSOCIATED PRESS has the latest on a Christian college at odds with whether Adam and Eve actually existed. (Jesus spoke of the folks from the Book of Genesis as if they were […]

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Marriage March 2013

Redefine Marriage and You Redefine America

Are you ready for a shift in the meaning of words like marriage, family, parent, and so on? Sharing this article today from Penny Young Nance over at the Christian Post: I was recently confronted with what some believe is a shift in public opinion on the issue of traditional marriage. The 75 Republican operatives who […]

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President of Iran @ Columbia University.

Ahmadinejad pushes new world order

In case you missed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech before the U.N. today, here it is via the Associated Press. Prepare to be amazed: NEW YORK (AP) — After an hour of fielding questions about Syria, sanctions and nuclear weapons, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had enough. Now, he said, it was his turn to choose […]

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Movie telling the truth about Mohammed sparks deadly riot

Movie telling the truth about Mohammed sparks deadly riot

Four Americans are dead, including our ambassador to Libya. Why? Because of a movie that tells the truth about the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Here is the story from The Daily Beast, along with a film clip of the movie: America’s ambassador to Libya, a career diplomat who dedicated much of his life to the Middle […]

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Durham Street Methodist Church after demolition.

Are you called to contend for Truth?

“He will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair.” – Isaiah 61:3. There are days when it is hard to cling to that Truth.  It seems that there is no shortage of challenges that the Body of Christ faces in these days that we are in. And there are some […]

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