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Eric Jackson: For Christians, What Do We Mean By ‘Normal’?

Today, we evaluate how the Christian church in America is doing as many are dealing with anxiety, fear or feeling overwhelmed due to the high levels of stress this year has brought. We need some encouragement today more than ever. 

More of us are coming to terms with the fact we may never get back to “normal” again. How should we respond to this and how can we be better at understanding the times?

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JB Hixson: Deceivers and The Spirit of Anti-Christ

JB Hixson says, “We are living in the greatest time of deception ever. This is biblical. There is a direct correlation between the Spirit of Anti-Christ, Covid-19, and the U.S. election chaos.”

But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:13)

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Carl Teichrib: UN Global Agenda, Saving the World Man’s Way

We discuss the United Nations Global Governance Forum, a conference built around the UN’s 75th anniversary; their goal is for the salvation of the earth – and Christians and America are in the way. Action points that underscore this Forum include supporting the UN system, alongside the IMF and World Bank, in developing a post-Covid economic and social reset.

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David Fiorazo: If We Hate Evil, Why Don’t We Act Like It?

Burning indignation should seize us because of the wicked! Why? Because we’re better than them? No. because evil affects our culture, our families, and the church. I’ve said this many times and in many ways: We must stand against evil. We must share the gospel and pray for our enemies that God would have mercy on their souls.

But we must show them no mercy politically. Their worldview is anti-Christ and their end is destruction. They want a very dark and different country without the church and Christian influence. They are haters of good, men of depraved mind. They did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer and they hate Him and those who represent Him.

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Chris Quintana & Elijah Abraham: Perspective on Covid Fear, Israel Peace Plan

TODAY’S GUESTS: Elijah Abraham and Chris Quintana are in studio to discuss several important topics including how the nation and church have changed since COVID 19. We knew America and the world would never be the same – we just didn’t know exactly how. We also discuss Christian maturity, the importance of uncompromising preaching, and whose lives matter to God.

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Fiorazo on Fire: Free Speech, Politics, Child Sexualization

Today’s podcast is not for the faint of heart. Will you take a stand for righteousness and truth or cave to culture? The war is on. The battle is real, the players are moving, spiritual warfare is intensifying. Understand the times we’re living in, friends. Trust God, pray, vote biblical values and speak the truth!

Truth must never be sacrificed for the sake of perceived “unity.” Why are we allowing an anti-Christ, secular society to influence us more than we as Christians influence others? This is a problem. Is your pastor addressing the state of America and what’s happening today? How about you?

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Christian Worldview on Injustice, Lawlessness, and Redemption

We don’t have a skin problem, we have a sin problem. There are two kinds of people in the world – forgiven and unforgiven. Saved or not saved. Let’s reinforce this biblical perspective.

Too many Christians seem uncertain today about the authority of God’s Word. When cultural movements and secular ideas contradict what Scripture teaches, why do we often have a hard time setting ourselves apart? We want to be liked, relevant, and go with the popular flow.

The Bible calls it conforming to this world.

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Elijah Abraham: Christians, Politics, Values & Voting

We discuss the many challenges for Christians in the age of the big ‘Rona’ virus as well as the political division in both culture and church.  Plus, there are basically three voting options and one is to not vote at all. Elijah explains why Christians must vote and help cultivate an environment conducive to the gospel.

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Randy White: Tough Decisions for Churches, Christians During Pandemic

We discuss the many church and individual religious freedom challenges during the Covid pandemic, increased suicidal tendencies among young people, and the areas we’re seeing potential religious freedom violations coming from state governments.

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Andy Woods: Governing by Control, Not by Containing the Virus

Today, we discuss Joe Biden’s curious VP pick of Kamala Harris, the First Amendment, vaccines, and look at an article showing the extent some in government are going to exercise power. Andy Woods states:
“This is something that we’ve sensed all along that this has nothing to do with containing the virus but everything to do with government control of every area of our lives.”

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Dan Fisher: Patriot Pastors, Romans 13 & The ‘Rona’

Many of America’s spiritual leaders have been shackling believers with a flawed interpretation of Romans 13:1-5 – especially as to how it applies to citizens living in a republic like ours. Consequently, Christian people who would normally stand against tyranny, believe that they owe slavish, unlimited submission to their government.

So, the American church stands by doing little to stop the wickedness that is allowed to flourish all around them. Is this what God intends?

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David Fiorazo: What We Can Learn (So Far) from 2020

Though the year is not over yet, most of us can’t wait to say goodbye to 2020. But our lives won’t suddenly change or improve just because the calendar says 2021. Our faith will continue to be tested!

Today we review some key events that should alarm and awaken Christians and freedom-loving Americans. 

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Shane Idleman: A National Emergency? Fear Vs Faith & Thanksgiving

Pastor Shane Idleman says there’s no plan B and America needs revival! “Change will only occur when there is a strong conviction of sin, accompanied by genuine faith, humility, and repentance… [to pastors] We must stop confusing God’s patience with His approval, open churches and preach with conviction from the pulpits again.”

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Patrick Wood: Masks Do More Harm Than Good; Study, Testimonies

Another study finds that masks do not effectively protect people from viruses. In fact, more evidence suggests masks cause more health problems, especially among children! We address religious freedom and how speech and liberties are being censored and infringed upon.

For Christians, these are the most prophetic times in world history. In America, we’re seeing an unprecedented push by globalists and the left to weaken or even take down this nation. They now know the Covid crisis can be used to implement many of their agendas. 

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