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Jan Markell: An Upside Down World – Signs of the Times

“God doesn’t shake the entire globe very often. He did during the time of Noah and at the Tower of Babel. There was a terrible plague in the 1300s and a pandemic in 1918. Two world wars took a stunning toll. But now an unseen enemy—a virus, no less—has created fear-driven chaos, and some unknown factors are causing people to embrace a worst-case outlook for the world. At this time, we don’t know how this plays out. It certainly has apocalyptic implications.” – Jan Markell, today’s guest

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Randy White: A Balanced Approach to a National Crisis

Today more than ever in history, America and the world needs theologically sound, Bible teaching churches, but they are more the exception than the norm. People need to see faith-centered, healthy responses to the coronavirus and government mandates during this time and always.

Will the church in general use this current pandemic to love our neighbors, preach the hope of Jesus Christ, and minister to those in need – or will we follow the crowd and hoard toilet paper, hand sanitizer, guns and ammo? The worrying world needs to see the power of God in believers lives that have been transformed by the renewing of our minds.

This just might be an answer to prayers for the repentance of our nation so let’s consider the very real possibility of a national revival and expect God to move.

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Julaine Appling: Effects of Coronavirus on States, Businesses, Churches

Our lives in the U.S. have changed, and hopefully this will be temporary, but from state to state, decisions are being made regarding public gatherings and how to do business. Let’s talk openly and honestly as Christians about faith vs fear, and let’s consider how to respond in these trying times. Be informed, not alarmed. Trust the Lord, take precautions, and leave the results to Him.

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Tony Gurule: Coronavirus, Dems Blaming Trump? Islam, Government

Topics we cover on this podcast with Tony Gurule of Radical Truth: How should Christians respond to the coronavirus? Perspective and stats; Democrat media using the “crisis” to hurt Trump. What really happened to Phil Haney and why? ‘Interfaith dialogues,’ Islam a growing threat to America. 

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Chris Quintana: Politics, Pelosi, Trump, and the Middle East Peace Plan

It’s the debate that won’t go away: should Christians be involved in politics? This just leads to more questions. What do you mean by “involved,” and what issues do you say are political? What issues do you say are moral? And what about the so-called separation of church and state? 

What about pastors and church leaders? Should they discuss politics and government – and should they do it during church services? (some of you gasp!) After all, like we discussed yesterday with Julaine Appling, someone’s morality will be legislated and our government is supposed to be of the people and for the people. Then there’s the confusing question of whether someone can follow Jesus and support Donald Trump. Wait, what?

But it’s hard not to notice the downward spiral of morality in what is often referred to as our post-Christian culture. This doesn’t necessarily mean the church is dead and gone, but all polls and surveys pretty much confirm the fact that Christians are not effectively influencing government and society any longer.

TODAY’S GUEST – Pastor Chris Quintana joins us to look at recent events in America and Israel through the lens of Scripture. Lots of “P’s” to tackle today: pastor’s perspective, politics, Pelosi, and peace plans. Chris is the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. 

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Julaine Appling: Elections Have Consequences

Much of what we see happening in America today is a result of the government’s legislation, policies, taxation, and the carrying out of laws and regulations. Biblical values matter – even among elected representatives. We must be reminded that someone’s morality will be legislated across the land, and will affect a majority of people.

But a government “of the people” is supposed to serve its citizens and not the other way around. Representatives are elected by the people and they are to be for the people, but if we fail to pay attention to the issues, bills, and legislation being debated, it’s on us when they pass something that affects us negatively. Do we need to be reminded elections have consequences?

Julaine Appling is our guest today!

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Tony Gurule: Electing Muslims, The Constitution, Islamic Ideology

Dr. Ben Carson once stated, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation… I do not believe Sharia Law is consistent with the Constitution of this country.” Muslims have been elected to the U.S. Congress as well as local offices across the country, and the most recent Muslims elected have been sworn in by placing their hand on a Qu’ran rather then the Bible. Is that a problem?

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Julaine Appling: Free, Fair Elections from WI to D.C.

We kick off another year with a church and country that are divided over so many issues. Religion and politics continue to be lightening rods of debate across the nation, but to say Christians should keep our faith behind closed doors or out of politics is both naive and misguided.

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Elizabeth Johnston, Activist Mommy: Fighting for Faith, Family, Freedom

Should Christians engage the culture and help expose darkness? Didn’t Jesus say we are the light of the world? Are so-called political and social issues also moral issues we should be speaking about? Today’s guest, author and activist Elizabeth Johnston, aka the Activist Mommy, says ‘absolutely,’  and states: “The Left has been advancing and claiming more territory while we have attended church, content to wait for Jesus to come back.” 

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Kathy Barnette: Being Christian, Black & Conservative in America

Kathy Barnette is an author, conservative political commentator, veteran, a former adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance, conference speaker, and is running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania. Her mother was raped at 11 years old but in the midst of horrific circumstances, decided to give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Kathy Barnette sat on the Board of a pregnancy crisis center for 5 years, but perhaps her most cherished opportunity, to date, besides being a wife, is the ability to homeschool her two children. Her book, “Nothing to Lose,  Everything to Gain:  Being Black and Conservative in America” explains why liberal policies have failed the black community time and time again.

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Chris Quintana: Separating Facts from Fear, Fiction, Foolishness

Pastor Chris Quintana joins David today. Chris was the pastor at Calvary Chapel of Cypress (since 2010), California and just moved to Texas. Chris has a great love for teaching God’s Word and for Bible prophecy.

Today’s topics: the difference between doctrine and theology, perspective on death and stats on COVID 19 deaths compared to the flu, what is an “essential business” now, government power, infringements on our freedoms, media bias and hatred of Trump, the need for prayer and level-headed leaders.

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Todd Nettleton UPDATE: Persecution Continues Regardless of Pandemic

Even in the midst of a worldwide virus threatening our health and way of life, outside the United States, Christianity is increasing and the gospel is being preached in the face of severe opposition. The underground church grows in spite of very real government threats. There are practical ways we can help our persecuted family. Todd Nettleton says the number one thing is still prayer. 

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