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Does the Bible really say we’re not to judge?

Some professing Christians become infuriated when a “watchblogger” has the chutzpah to report on a false teacher by name, as if naming names is unbiblical.  High-profile leaders and bloggers who mention heretics by name are often accused of demonizing or judging them. For example, when I expose Rick Warren’s latest effort to unite with globalists, […]

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Keeping our eyes (and Bibles) open

Today it’s the full gamut: We’re talking government education, and later some face-to-face experiences – with “Jesus?” Joining us for this discussion is someone who has been sounding the alarm about national Common Core standards and curriculum. Kyle Olson is publisher and founder of EAGnews.org dedicated to education reform. Kyle is a contributor to TownHall.Com and has written a book titled,Indoctrination: […]

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“Apostle” David E. Taylor doubles down on false prophecy

One of the more controversial (most commented on) articles we’ve done is about a charlatan in Michigan (with a St. Louis P.O. box)  named David E. Taylor. (See “False Prophets: Here come more wolves,” and be sure to read the comments section.) This self-appointed “Apostle” has a FiveFold Ministry in which he hosts Dream Schools […]

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Common culinary fruits.

Can false teachers bear good fruit?

What is “good fruit,” anyway? We often think of fruit as our good deeds that accompany our words, or perhaps we think of it as “the fruit of the spirit” (as in love, joy, peace, patience, etc., from Galatians 5:22). But if you are discerning pastors, teachers, authors or leaders, what if they appear to […]

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English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo. A critical...

Fast and Furious

When we first started broadcasting in 2010, we discussed the subtle ways that apostasy was sneaking into the Bride of Christ and deceiving some away from the Truth.  But now it seems that it doesn’t sneak anymore; it marches right down the aisle and takes a seat in the front row. Often it is invited […]

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Patricia King to bring "Glory School" to Northeast Wisconsin

…and why we are concerned. Most of our articles speak to Christians around the world. This time we’re speaking directly to our local listeners about an event hitting close to home in Northeast Wisconsin’s Fox Valley. A two-day “Glory School” conference is coming to a Neenah church, along with Christian celebrity Patricia King.  (This is […]

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True or False? How to discern if a prophet is for real

Today we have more Christian conferences, sermons and books available than ever before in our history. And as we’ve discussed on Stand Up For The Truth, there seems to be an explosion of false teachings and prophets. Some are blatantly obvious, and some are so subtle that they are very difficult to spot, even for […]

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True or false prophet? 4 ways to tell for sure

True prophets point to Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many false ones use Him to claim He points the world to them and their blogs, websites, or whatever ministry they happen to have. The Bible says in Matthew 24:24  “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as […]

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False prophets and teachers: Here come more wolves

Warning: Those rumors and false signs and wonders of Jesus’ return that He warned us about? Yes, they are indeed happening. David E. Taylor, a Tennessee Latter Rain  preacher whose ministry is growing by leaps and bounds, took a video of a “face of God” that he saw in the clouds in Canada, and now […]

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