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Jesus washing feet

Jesus and the “I Am” declarations

What does Jesus say about Himself? Does He make any claims to be God?  Check out these definitive statements: John.8:24 “Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am (He), you will die in your sins.” John 6:51:”I am the living bread which came down from […]

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Future history and the times we're in

Future history and the times we’re in

America has spoken, and the next four years are taking us in a direction that — however you look at it — does not surprise our God. We have voted to idolize our flesh and throw God under the altar of the golden calf.  Many of our prophets, and Jesus Himself, talked about these things […]

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The Skinner Butte Cross at New Hope Christian ...

If we only knew real Hope

In the Bible, Elijah, Moses and David as well as many others witnessed God reveal Himself to the people, as if to boldly declare: “Today I will show them who I Am.” When will we learn who He is and where the real hope and change come from? In a church, we can grow in […]

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Brian McLaren crossed the road...

Brian McLaren crossed the road…

Post-modern liberalism in the Body of Christ is what gives the Emergent Church theology its wings. It helps you toss along the waves of uncertainty; question what God said is Truth.  A few weeks ago we reported the many ways in which the Church is emerging into a New kind of Spirituality, one that brings […]

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Narcissistic Christianity

Narcissistic Christianity

I was reviewing an interesting post on our Stand Up For the Truth Facebook site this morning that I think points to the problem we have ourselves in as a Church in America these days.  The man who posted it pointed out what he refers to as the schizophrenic state of American Christianity because Jonathon […]

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Leonard Ravenhill

What's a Prophet?

Are there any real prophets in the world today, speaking for the faith and leading others to repentance and reconciliation with God?  This article from the late Christian apologist Leonard Ravenhill. We shared this on our program today, and a future program guest, Kevin Kleint over at Honor Of Kings ministry posted it on his website, so […]

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Moses with the Ten Commandments

New "improved" Ten Commandments deceive hundreds of churches in Europe

via the telegraphUK Churches adopt new Ten Commandments Hundreds of churches across the country are now preaching an updated version of the Ten Commandments, rewritten to reflect modern values. The religious rules, which Christians believe were etched onto tablets by God and given to Moses, have been modified to use up-to-date language and principles. Inspired […]

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Mercy and Grace: Do we abuse it?

Mercy and Grace: Do we abuse it?

As Christians, we can have confidence that God is faithful to forgive all sins when we repent and turn to Him. The promises of the Bible that we are His sheep and He is our Shepherd and our King is truly magnificent. But what happens when we repeatedly sin; when we allow strongholds of habits […]

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